The structure and working principle of Bluetooth audio speakers

Bluetooth audio speakers are composed of two parts of the magnet and vibration system, in which the magnet consists of magnets and soft core columns, and cone (vibration film), centering tablets, voice coil and dust cover and so formed the vibration system. When the voice coil of the speaker into the audio current, the voice coil in the role of the current will produce alternating magnetic field, permanent magnet also produces a constant size and direction of the constant magnetic field. Since the magnetic field size and direction of the voice coil are constantly changing with the change of the audio current, the interaction of the two magnetic fields causes the voice coil to move perpendicularly to the direction of the current in the voice coil. Since the voice coil and the diaphragm are connected, The voice coil drives the vibration of the vibrating diaphragm, and the vibrating surface of the air caused by the vibrating diaphragm vibrates.

The greater the current output to the voice coil, the greater the force of its magnetic field vibration diaphragm vibration amplitude is greater, the sound is more loud. The Bluetooth sound horns are issued mainly in the middle of the vibrating diaphragm, and the loudspeaker uttered the bass part mainly on the edge of the diaphragm. If the edge of the diaphragm of the loudspeaker is soft and the paper bowl is larger, the loudspeaker will have a better bass effect.

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