Bluetooth speakers are sold with the popularity of smartphones?

Of course, With the popularity of smartphones, Bluetooth speakers are hot sale, everyone like music. The portable Bluetooth speaker can meet your request.

The advantages of the Bluetooth speakers are as follows: 

  • Portable Bluetooth speakers do not rely on the network, can carry anywhere, picnic, barbecue, party, camping, anywhere you go
  • Built-in lithium battery, you can have 10 hours of playing time
  • External power supply, audio cable, can be used as active speakers when not moving and not using Bluetooth 
  • Power is large enough, open to the maximum nor explosive, you can play music in open space, more lively more fun
  • Car audio can not receive mobile audio? Can be used as a simple car audio solution - music, navigation, audiobook
  • Hands-free calls make calling easier
  • Bluetooth speaker support iPhone, iPod, Mac,Supports any device with Bluetooth
  • Support TF card, FM radio, USB flash disk

These advantages are enough to attract you to try