What is the effect of sensor handbag light purse light?

Handbag light / purse light working principle

LED sensor purse light is a kind of intelligent lighting products which automatically control the light source through the induction module. Infrared sensor has a hemispherical probe. Used to sense the heat source, and then control an electronic switch to disconnect or turn on the circuit。 

Purse light no need switch, open the bag turn on automatically, turn off last for 15 seconds automatically. 

Quickly light up your purse, easy to find items in purses, for example, lips, keys, pen or anything you looking for. Also great as a bed and travel light. 

Why you need sensor handbag light / purse light ? 

All women need sensor handbag light purse light, why?  when opening the bag, they could not find what they are looking for in this bag, have the fidgets, right? 

A purse or handbag belongs to the essentials of every woman, once have purse light handbag light, quickly light up your purse when you open the purse. find items so easy.