Bluetooth speaker is a great way to enjoy any audio without restriction of wires.  We always find that there are many versions of bluetooth, why do we prefer bluetooth V4.0 we choosed for a Bluetooth speaker ? The following information may sort it out.

Bluetooth is a kind of wireless technology, which can connect to any device that is Bluetooth capable. Since the technology of Bluetooth Versions was released in 1998, numerous specification versions have been released. 

Bluetooth Version 1.0 & 1.2

Versions 1.0 had a lot of issues and also problems for manufacturers. The primary issue was the lack of communication among the devices. Version 1.2, this version offers backward compatibility with Bluetooth 1.1, faster transmitting speeds, received signal strength V1.1 and V1.2 for the early version, transfer rate is between 748 ~ 810 KB. V1.0 is easy be interrupted by frequency. V1.2 increases the anti-interference function of frequency. The two versions now have been less applied to manufacture a bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth version 2.0 & 2.1

Delivers data transfer rates of up to three times that of the first version of Bluetooth. Version 2.0 also provides enhanced connection. Transmission rate is about 1.8 M/s ~ 2.1 M/s, which can deliver high quality images, voice, files, high resolution images and stereo sound. But the matching process is difficult as well as power consumption is bigger. V2.1 enhanced the matching technology, upgrade automatic matching and connection, increased power-saving function.

Bluetooth version 3.0

Generally known as high speed, is actually considerably 20 times faster than Bluetooth 2.0 and also boosted power control. While still growing the power if the Bluetooth connection if you were to move the phone further from the headsets. It's a better choice for a bluetooth speaker yet not a best.

Bluetooth version 4.0

Power-saving is the most important features of V4 version; it combines the energy-saving technology with traditional bluetooth technology and high-speed technology. compare with V3.0, it features longer distance, faster transmission speed, lower energy consumption. Previous releases of Bluetooth technology often interfered with other wireless technology, however this version has fixed that problem, which is very easy to connect to your devices under 3 seconds with a range of up to 66 feet. 

Now, we believe our JUMON Bluetooth Speaker which has equipped with the latest in Bluetooth V4.0 technology,  is an excellent choice for you to enjoy music without the hassle.