Thanks-giving day is as family and friends gather for the best feast of the year, how to find great Thanksgiving gifts to greet them?

The rule is to always bring a separate small gift as a token of your appreciation. Bringing a Wireless Bluetooth speaker is a smart, easy, and affordable way to say thanks. 

Don’t let the numerous options scare you away or confuse you. Jumon Bluetooth speaker is a best choice for you !Here are things to keep in mind why Jumon Bluetooth speakers are so popular:

  • Portability-- Jumon Bluetooth Speakers are generally designed to weigh less making them much more portable. Bluetooth technology makes it easy to connect and use.
  • Sound Quality--The higher the watts, the more vibrant the sound.
  • Range--a working range of 33 feet which means no more wires and no need to do extra work to put it connection.
  • Power--a rechargeable batteries means it will company with your friends for a long time.
  • Multi operating modes-- Support SD Card/ USB memory stick/3.5 AUX in. This is good to consider if music devices that do not support Bluetooth. 
  • Support FM radio & Hands-free calling--Multi-function means more using scenarios. 
  • Color--Do you want  unique or colorful Bluetooth speakers for your friends or families? If so, make sure you choose the ones that give your color options.

Now, move on to select a Bluetooth speaker from Jumon. Let's go!